PAIRS Powergram

Good morning baby, I appreciate you getting me to take life by the horns.

Building Your Love Bank Balance

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Test Title

It makes me feel like my whole world is on a teeter totter.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/31

I am looking forward to our Facetime because I get to see you instead of the ceiling! I miss you terribly…which is why I guess this is such a crappy DTR. I just want to be with you.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/30

Everywhere I look I see you and I know that I would not be nearly as much without you. You are my inspiration and my motivation.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/29

It means a lot to me that you continue to encourage me…Sometimes sweetly, sometimes not, but you always know just what to say to keep me motivated.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/27

I am concerned with you getting the kids motivated to do anything. I know that you are doing what you can, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/26

I am concerned by my lack of ability to communicate with you. It seems I can talk to anyone, EVERYONE, except you. And I have no idea why. That concerns me and makes me angry and makes me sad and worried all at the same time.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/23

I am concerned with how we can’t seem to have any sort of conversation without it devolving into an argument. That is pretty shitty of us. We are better people and we are actually nicer people than we show to each other.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/22

I am concerned with everything. I am starting to know how you feel on a daily basis, with more to do than time in which to do it.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/18

I don’t want us to be broken and constantly arguing over everything under the sun. It sucks. It hurts. It’s crazy. We are better than this.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/17

I know that a relationship takes work and that things and people change. So what I write is not going to be carved in stone … it WILL be a roadmap though, a template so that I can show you better my love for you.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/16

I appreciate the long talk today, it really helped me to see not only how I have screwed things up and how you feel, but also how I can work on correcting things…

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/12

I’m concerned about you being frustrated all the time. If it’s not the kids, it’s me and not me then your work. We need to find a way to get you to release some stress.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/11

I am puzzled by what we are going to do about the kids. How does one instill a sense of responsibility or ownership or whatever in teenagers?

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/10

I am having to go over things with him with a fine tooth comb, write letters of explanation and basically justify and account for every red cent dealing with the whole f’ing move here and the tdy. it is a royal pain in the butt, but in the end it will be worth it.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/9

I appreciate you motivating me to not only get things done, but to do the right thing and to work as hard as I can. You are my inspiration.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/7

I’m sick of having a long distance relationship with my wife. I know that we have been distant even in the same room, but we are going to solve that. Now we just need to figure out how to be physically together.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/6

We don’t talk! As the time gets longer between talking like friends and lovers, it just seems to get harder … I will have to dig deeper and figure something out.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/5

I am deeply concerned with the thought that we are “growing apart.” I always knew that we would change as we got older and that with that change we would have to adapt … but this is ridiculous! It scares me to death.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/4

The idea of NOT being married to you makes me feel like someone has walked over my grave. Not because I am scared of being alone, but because I am scared of not being with you.