Developing emotional literacy

It is one of the paradoxes of modern-day life that the knowledge that can offer us a sense of safety, connection, love, security and predictability in a world that is often chaotic, filled with turbulence, turmoil, violence and unpredictability – the knowledge that we most need – is not taught and is not required in any school curriculum.

The Oxford dictionary defines literate as an educated person who can read and write.  Emotional Literacy means an educated person who can read and write emotions – but what does that mean?  And, how do we develop it?

It is knowledge that our parents couldn’t teach as they didn’t have it.  This knowledge is called Emotional Literacy.  Upon this knowledge, this literacy, all of our other abilities, creativity and the use of our intelligence, depends.

Developing emotional literacy is the process of becoming an emotionally educated person, one who is able to read and write the language of the heart, one who is able to have empathy and compassion for others.

~ Lori Heyman Gordon

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