Six questions to get more out of your family tree

Our parents or the people who raised us had an important impact on our development. Each of us may have had one or more sisters or brothers who also had an impact on who we are.  And each of our parents was also influenced by the family she or he was born into, the personalities and life situations they encountered, the struggles they had, the learning they brought to these struggles and passed on to their children.

We’re increasingly able to explore and consider the impact of those who provided the seeds to our own lives. If you’re in one of the 100 million families whose ancestry is illustrated online at sites such as or, you may already have a lot of information about those who came before you.

But there’s another dimension that can help you gain greater insights from the boxes, circles, lines, pictures and names that make up your unique family tree.

The field of epigenetics is revealing how external and environmental factors shapes the DNA that makes each of us the unique, one-of-a-kind, priceless treasure we are.

  • Did you know that trauma experienced by our parents can impact the unique construction of our own genes?
  • Did you know that scientists are discovering that a parent’s experience with toxins can make offspring more likely to avoid the same toxins?
  • Did you know that our ways of relating to one another, dealing with stress and distress, and other areas that touch the foundation of our lives and relationships are often passed down generationally?

Six questions to take your family tree to another level of insight

  1. What qualities did you develop based on the influence of these people who bore you, raised you, or were closely related to you?
  2. What learnings did you get from your family?
  3. What decisions did you make about how you wanted or didn’t want to be, based on what you saw and experienced in your family?
  4. Where are you with those decisions now?
  5. Which are still operating in your life? Which have you changed? How?
  6. When future generations look back at the circle or box of your life years from now, how do you want to be remembered? Letting that future hope become a North Star to navigate your daily life can be profoundly empowering.

Top Sites to Create a Family Tree

ancestry is a family of brands with deep roots in roots. The company has put family history in the hands of everyone by providing the most comprehensive resource for discovering who and what led to you. Brands include Ancestry, AncestryDNA, AncestryProGenealogists, Family Tree Maker, Fold3 and

MH_logo_Horizontal_RGB was founded by a team with a passion for genealogy and a strong grasp of Internet technology. The company’s vision has been to make it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends.

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