Daily Temperature Reading, 2/12

Okinawa | February 12, 2016


Hey honey, I appreciate you telling me that you love me. Even though you are “not convinced that it will be enough.” It at least tells me that there is still love here and for that I not only appreciate you, but I am very thankful.

New Information:

I went back to the finance guy and got finished with the paperwork. So we will see now what happens. Such a pain in the ass. I went and got the ribbon holder and had to get some new jump wings. Sigh. So it took $11 instead of the $3.50 for the ribbon holder. Now I have to get the backing that goes behind the wings. I still have the old one. I can get that from supply on Tuesday morning and I will check my office on Monday. I might have one in there.


I will have to check to see if the chaplain wrote me back (I bet he did, but I just haven’t checked yet), because I am still puzzled by the homework assignment. I get that we have to dig deep and find out the root problem, but just not sure how we are supposed to do that. I have some ideas as to how we got here. Actually, I think I KNOW how we got here and it makes me not want to even look in the mirror. I mean, it has been all me. I know that. Having said that, I still want to get a little more clarification on the assignment. Maybe that is my way of beating around the bush, I don’t know.

Concerns with Recommendations:

Concerns, where to begin. I am concerned about us being able to really (italicized for emphasis) talk and to resolve issues. I think the last part is going to be the hardest. Not for me, for you. I am concerned that you won’t be able to do it. Wow, that sounds ominous and I guess it is. But what I am getting to is to be able to forgive me for being such an ass, for lying to you and for continuing to be an ass on top of it all.

Wishes, Hopes & Dreams:

I hope that you wake up in a good mood. It is Friday, a long weekend (do you get Monday off?) and you have a husband that loves and misses you. Who is also still sore and going to have to do the stretching and yoga again! I wish I were home right now, snuggled in bed with you and I dream of that every night. I love you lots and lots and lots.

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