Daily Temperature Reading, 2/22

Okinawa | February 22, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you sending me the photos yesterday and talking to me while you were having dinner. It was fun to see the pics and it looked like you branched out just a bit on your normal PF Chang’s cuisine.

New Information:

So talked to the JAG guy and he said that there is certainly a case to contact the IG. He is going to coordinate that. I went to the hospital and the commissary and got my meds and some food. I got a lot of frozen veggies and frozen fruit. I wound up putting a lot of things back because I realized that I was going to be WAY over my limit and even had to put some stuff back once I got to the register. I will go back after pay day and get some other staples. I got a whole chicken (it’s frozen solid) and thought I could make my own rotisserie, but I think it would be just as cheap to get one cooked. In fact, now that I am thinking about it, it would be just as cheap. Damn. I think getting the frozen veggies was a good deal. Oh, I got the sweet Italian crème creamer and the dark cocoa. But how do I mix it? I mean, what should the ratio be?


I am puzzled by how you are doing, how the play was, if you enjoyed yourself and if it was just a fun night in general. I know that you were not really looking forward to it, but I hope that you managed to enjoy it. Having said that, I am puzzled by why you said you were not looking forward to it. Just too much stress from other things weighing on you? I was hoping that this would be a way to blow off some of that stress. I hope that is how it turned out.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am still concerned with the expectations thing. I am not quite sure how to answer that. I mean, there are certain things that I expect, but I think I have gotten to where I just take them for granted instead. So I am going to think on that one a bit and have to get back to you.

Wishes, Hopes & Dreams:

I hope you had fun, and I hope that you managed to get back home at a decent hour and get some sleep! I talked to J at lunch and he said that he had not heard from you guys and that he was not sure when you would be back. I didn’t text because I figured you guys were either still in the theater or were driving home, so I didn’t want to disturb you. So I am looking forward to hearing all about it! I love you, and I miss you and I will be talking to you soon! Love me

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