Daily Temperature Reading, 2/7

Okinawa | February 7, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you talking to me while you were watching your movie! It was nice. I know we didn’t really say anything, but it was nice to talk to you.

New Information:

So I went to church and thought about going to the commissary to get chips and stuff for the super bowl, but I didn’t. I spent the day reading and hanging out in the room (I didn’t go anywhere but church and back). So not really anything new.


I am puzzled by why you react sometimes to shellfish and sometimes don’t. I guess that is just the nature of the allergy. When I shell stuff for you, I try to be very careful not to leave any inkling of shell left for you to get on accident. I have heard that shellfish allergies are some of the worst. I like having you around and don’t want anything bad happening to you! I may google that and find out if there is a for real answer.

Concerns with Recommendations:

So speaking of allergies, I am actually concerned with how those shots are going and how your body is reacting. It seems like on the whole it is going well, but then you react to dust and to shellfish. Maybe your body is just hypersensitive to things right now because you ARE taking the shots. Just try to be careful with what you eat and stuff. Duh, like you are going to go out and munch on some crab just for the fun of it. But you know what I mean. Don’t overdo it on peanut butter tortes or whatever and keep your epipen handy.

Wishes, Hopes & Dreams:

I hope you slept well and had sweet dreams. I am going to hang out for a bit more. The super bowl starts at 8:30 a.m. here (we have off until 1), so I am going to watch it. We don’t get the ads, but to be honest this is supposed to be a REALLY good game for a change. So I am looking forward to it. I will talk to you soon! Love me.

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