Daily Temperature Reading, 3/9

Okinawa | March 9, 2016


Hey Baby! I appreciate you motivating me to not only get things done, but to do the right thing and to work as hard as I can. You are my inspiration. Wow, that sounds like a cheesy line, but it’s true.

New Information:

Like I told you earlier, I went to finance with the S1 guy and got the Family Sep worked out. The guy told me that he was on our side the whole time, but he had to go off of what the reg said…To which I said that the reg said that with medical reasons things should not have mattered. He said that apparently they just didn’t look close enough. Whatever. The main thing is that YOU pushed me to get this done, because it made sense and once again you were exactly right.


I am puzzled by people that are supposed to know their job inside and out that don’t seem to know it at all. I mean, it was all RIGHT THERE for them, laid out on a platter and they screwed it up. When it is all boiled down, MOST of the time the way the army does things makes sense if you apply the common sense approach to things. But I guess people get all wrapped up by people that are trying to get over, that they miss it when someone is doing something a little out of the ordinary but still perfectly justified.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned with you getting your presentation together. You seem to have a million things going on at once and can’t seem to focus on that presentation. I am concerned because this seems to happen a lot…You have things to do that the school is sanctioning, yet they don’t give you the time or chance to do them properly. I had hoped that once bitchy woman was gone that you would be able to focus, but apparently she was only part of the problem…which we knew. I guess I just don’t like to see you have to struggle and fight for every inch of ground you are trying to cover. Is there anything I can do to help?

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope you have a good time with S. I know how much they look forward to seeing you and I know you look forward to seeing them, too. So I am glad you are going to stay with them and have some time to talk to others that are your peers and your real friends. I love you and will be waking you up in a few! love me

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