Daily Temperature Reading, 3/15

Okinawa | March 15, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you even talking to me today, to be honest. The last few days/weeks/months have been pretty crappy for us. So anytime you spend talking to me is a gift. I appreciate you chatting with me during our conferences. I love how you describe things to me, it’s normally pretty funny! I appreciate the extra money you gave me, too. I had a huge grilled chicken and pineapple burger which was SO yummy and a big salad! I will use the rest of it more frugally.

New Information:

I am glad that your session went well, not that I am surprised. You are a great teacher! I bet your comments were nothing but glowing! I am really excited that you were nominated for the committee. When do you find out about that? So obviously today was our first day here. After the intro session we broke off into our respective service groups. There’s Air Force and navy here as well. This all day event was worth the travel here because of all the info given out. But also because after the first presenter asked for questions, the first guy to ask anything (and no it wasn’t me) basically called bullshit. He grilled the guy for about 20 minutes about something he had talked about. I thought there were going to be some fireworks up in there! But I learned a lot, so the trip was worth it for that. But I am using the iPad to type and it’s being a pain in the butt. I’ll have to reboot I think.


I have written this three times and I keep deleting. I am no longer puzzled by what you mean when you call me self-centered and a taker. I really get it. I’m going to work hard on that. While I haven’t looked for ways to piss you off, I have not done enough to by a LONG SHOT to make you feel special.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned, as always, with us. The space between us is growing and it scares me to death. I absolutely LOVED chatting with you today. You are an amazing and fun person to talk to. I was serious about overloading you with texts and info. You are GOING to know how much I love you!

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I am going to call now and wake up the kids. I hope you are sleeping well and having good dreams! Or at least not dreaming at all. I love you to death. So apparently the kids don’t have work today. Well, I was trying to do my part. I hope you have a great day and I hope that the rest of your conference goes well. I will text you as soon as I get up! I love you baby, I really do.

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