Daily Temperature Reading, 3/18

Okinawa | March 18, 2016


I appreciate you calling me. It’s always a joy to hear your voice! I appreciate you checking up on the credit card since your card got hacked again. I appreciate you taking care of EVERYTHING!

New Information:

I would have had this to you earlier by D and I have been talking politics and stuff for hours. We went to PH and now I feel like shit about it.


I am puzzled by why we are having such problems. It is killing me and I know it’s killing you.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I don’t want us to be broken and constantly arguing over everything under the sun. It sucks. It hurts. It’s crazy. We are better than this.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I wish we could get in the same library, the same book! Jeesh At least that way it would seem like we were making progress. I miss you. I miss my L. I miss your bright smile and quirky outlook. I miss the random things you did and your unpredictable behaviors and thoughts. I miss us finishing each other’s thoughts. I miss you!!!

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