Daily Temperature Reading, 3/21

Okinawa | March 21, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you giving me extra money. I know I should not have to ask for it, so I appreciate you looking out for me. I also appreciate you doing the taxes. I hope that the POA I sent will be accepted.

New Information:

I went and talked to the RMO guy, and he sent off another email to the people at HQ to find out what the deal is. I will know in the morning what they said. I found out about the time management. The chaplain said that I can go through him, or MFLAC guy, or community services. He recommends the community services route and then if I would like more follow up to go through the MFLC guy or the chaplain. I did not get a chance to call over there, because I was playing NCOIC after 2pm today, but I will get it done in the morning. Same for finding out about the passport stuff. I will go by there before going into work and knock out both the passport and community services. I talked to the schools guy and he said that he has not heard anything. So I went and talked to the retention guy and he said he hasn’t heard anything either. But both of them said that they had to be in early anyway and would call and find out.


Puzzles…well, I don’t really have any right now. You are clear with your intentions and desires, as well as what you are doing. So I don’t really have any questions on anything. Hhhmmm, it just seems a bit odd. I guess I should say that I am puzzled by what you think of how I am doing? I mean, besides the money thing. Because again, you were pretty clear how you feel about that.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned with getting all the stuff done that I have to do. I am working on my time management. I thought about staying late today to finish up some things, but then remembered that I had to wake the kids up. So I left work and came back to my room to call them. I was being fun, but I think I bugged M. Oh well. I need to work on my time management, but I feel like I actually got a lot done today, with all the running around I had to do. Being gone for a week was not a problem, but there was still a lot to catch up on. I will get a LOT more done tomorrow, mostly with our stuff!

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I really hope that the POA will be accepted by the tax people, and the other stuff I sent will make you feel like you know what is going on here and with me. I also hope that this gets to you right. I am not sending it to myself since I hardly ever have trouble using the computer, just my iPad and phone. I will be calling to wake you up shortly, so I hope you are sleeping well and having good dreams! I love, love, love you!

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