Daily Temperature Reading, 3/22

Okinawa | March 22, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you sending me the coffee pot and for running things down with Amazon. You are amazing. I also appreciate you letting me see you on FaceTime! I miss your pretty face!

New Information:

I was working with the RMO guy on the money we are owed and I ran into some snags. Nothing to worry about, I will get it done. In the meantime, I submitted my voucher for this last trip and we should be getting NEARLY $1000 out of it. I hope that helps to alleviate the frustration of not getting the other one finished. I will get it done in the morning. I am going to work on it until you wake up so that I don’t have as much to do with the RMO guy in the morning. I have a dental appointment after lunch tomorrow, so I am need to work fast in the morning.


I am puzzled by when you said we are going to talk with the chaplain. I know it is Friday, but I can’t remember what time or what the details were.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned with everything. I am starting to know how you feel on a daily basis, with more to do than time in which to do it. Having said that, I AM getting our stuff done, it is just taking for freaking ever because of idiots. It just sucks because I am at the root of all of it. If I had done things right to begin we wouldn’t be in this mess. Not just with us, but with our pay, the kids getting here and you name it. I am NOT going to let things go, though and I am going to get a lot done before Friday.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope that you are going to have a good day. I know that taxes later on today are not going to be a joy and again, I appreciate you doing them. If there is anything else I need to send you let me know. I am glad that the kids are going with you (besides them having to!) because, they are going to have to learn about that stuff and it is high time they learned just how expensive they are to us and how little we ask of them. I love you and I miss you a LOT. I hope you are having sweet dreams and I will wake you up in a little while. Love me

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