Daily Temperature Reading, 3/30

Okinawa | March 30, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you just being you. I know I said that same type of thing yesterday, but everywhere I look I see you and I know that I would not be nearly as much without you. You are my inspiration and my motivation.

New Information:

I went by the post office and refused that coffee maker. I still don’t have an email from MSG W, but I expect one soon. I worked with the RMO guy on the paperwork and I got pulled away, so it is still there with him. He said he would finish it, but I have to go back and check things out with him.


I am puzzled by how things are going with you. If I remember correctly, this class you are taking is the same one you took a year ago and so I hope that things come back and you feel more secure in the procedures you are learning this time. You are going to be the star pupil this time! Teacher’s pet! Seriously, I am concerned about you and what you are feeling today.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned with you getting enough sleep…just like me actually. I am not sleeping too well because I am all stopped up (the rinses help a LOT) and you said that your allergies were killing you as well…And I know how that affects you worse than me.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope you feel better today, I really do. Not just with breathing, but with the sass stuff. You are going to do GREAT, I know it! You are smarter than anyone there at work and you are the “go to girl” for a lot of things there…this will be one of those too. You rock! I love you, miss you and wish I were sleeping next to you right now!! Love me

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