Daily Temperature Reading, 4/10

Okinawa | April 10, 2016


Good morning baby, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and tell me how you are feeling. Your thoughts that is, not necessarily your physical aspect. I know I don’t like most of what you are saying, but I guess I need to hear them.

New Information:

I woke up and the power was out. To make a long story short, lightning struck a transformer or a power station or something about a mile from here and knocked out power to a LOT of areas. It finally came back on right before I texted you, but was obviously way too late to talk to you. I talked to the guy across the hall from me, who actually went out driving to do something and he said there were wrecks and power was out in various places around the island. He went down all the way past the far base. Anyway, that’s what I woke up to. No coffee either which made it a real pain. I’ve been working on trying to get my stupid computer working right again and not having any luck. So I am going to have to ask for some help at work tomorrow.


I am puzzled by what we are going to talk about today. I mean, it seems like we only talk about either problems (me, what am I doing about them, what have I done to do about them today, what I am going to do tomorrow, why am I such a dumbass, etc.), or superficial stuff.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am just concerned that all of our conversations end up with us either in an argument or just disappointed. What the hell is wrong with us?

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope that you have a good day today. I miss you a TON and I just want to get back home and take care of you. I love you.

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