Daily Temperature Reading, 4/13

Okinawa | April 13, 2016


I appreciate you calling me from Cold Stone. I’m sorry I was so out of it, but I had only had a few hours of sleep. I appreciate you going and getting it done. I should have checked on that before I left. I’m glad that you now have new tires and brakes. You and the kid’s safety are the most important things.

New Information:

The LT is working on getting information, but in the meantime I’m freaking mad as hell and just redoing both freaking packets. Since I can’t get any info I’m just going to start from scratch and do everything myself, monitoring every step of the process and keeping accurate records of names and dates so I don’t get screwed again. Like I should have done for the get go. This is a long weekend and the power is going to be out for part of the day on Saturday. So, I asked all of the guys that have staff duty if they would pay me to pull their shift. One guy has said he would and I think another is going to as well. So right now I am pulling it on Friday with a good chance for Sunday.


While I’m puzzled by why you are so mad at me for the way I handled you calling me from cold stone, I can also see it from your point of view. But again, I was so poor at the conversation because I had so little sleep.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I’m concerned by the way things are getting worse for us. It’s killing me. I know it’s no joy ride for you. It just feels like we are on a sinking boat. I hate it. We should be able to fix everything and get back on track. We are too smart, too good and too invested to toss everything.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope that you don’t close the door on me.

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