Daily Temperature Reading, 4/14

Okinawa | April 14, 2016


I appreciate all the time you spent chatting with me today. I appreciate your honest and candid statements to me about what’s going on with us and what is going on with my packets. Just felt really good to just have a normal conversation with you and I appreciate it.

New Information:

I met with the LT and in a nutshell he doesn’t know what is going on as well. He is going over my packet and double checking the wording of things to just make sure it is air tight. Chief did that before, but the LT is actually better at it. I never heard from the guy that has staff duty on Sunday, so I’m going to go in on Sunday morning and talk to him if he hasn’t made contact with me. I made sure the kids were up and made it to work. I thought about how you won’t have anyone to make coffee for you! Poor baby! I have to run to the shopette because I am making beans (because I like them and I am running out of things to cook) and I want to make some cornbread to go along with them.


I am puzzled by how things are going to go with the Chaplain. I think we have given him a lot to mull over and I am curious to see how things go. It should be interesting. I just hope it is productive!

Concerns with Recommendations:

While I am curious about it, I’m also concerned. I mean, I like to think that similarity in our answers, but I am afraid of how many differences there are and how that’s going to be interpreted. Having said that, if things are too similar then they get boring! So I don’t mind differences, just how MANY they are.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope you’re feeling better and slept well. I am going to head to the shopette and then wake you up. I miss you and I wish I were lying next to you. Love me

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