Daily Temperature Reading, 4/15

Okinawa | April 15, 2016


Hey Baby, I appreciate you going to see the Chaplain and including me in the chat. I appreciate GREATLY you continuing to work with me on our marriage. It means everything to me.

New Information:

I am bored stiff sitting here going over security + stuff. I would rather be doing almost anything! Lol The guy that has staff duty tomorrow came in and saw me in here and said that he should have gotten back to me sooner, he would have paid to have me sit in for him tomorrow. Well, too late! The guy that has it Sunday, his team SSgt called and when I answered the phone he asked if his guy ever talked to me and when I said no he said that he must have forgotten. Again, too bad for him. I would have liked the money, but after talking to you I would rather be in my room comfy and in my shorts talking to you! I don’t have anything from the LT yet. But he DID say he was going to be checking his email a lot over the weekend, so I know that if he gets anything he will send it to me.


I haven’t tried to log into that survey thing again and pull up the results. I guess I need to do that because I am puzzled by what it shows and by how to use it to start conversations. I am also puzzled by if the Chaplain gave you more homework.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned with how tired I am all the time. I think I am going to have to really step things up with the PT so that I get my body used to working out HARD again and see if that will help. Or running more, Or both. I don’t want to go to the doc, because I am tired of seeing those guys. I have been in there a lot lately. I am MORE concerned with what YOUR doc is going to say. After reading up on the iron deficiencies, I think that the infusion is the way to go for you. But WHY do you have an iron deficiency? Oh, and I read that you need more sun, too. So either get a UV light, or go for walks in the sun. Oh, I am also concerned with the kids not helping you out and losing shit because they can’t pick up after themselves. The problem is that I don’t know what to do with “M”, she will learn fast when she is an RA (if that happens), but I don’t know what to do about “J”.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I wish I were there to help you out. I really do. I know you need help. That was part of the reason for taking staff duty, so that I could earn a little extra money. Every little bit helps. I hope that you are feeling better today. Eat lots of fruit and veggies!!! Your colon will thank you! Lol I love you and miss you. Me

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