Daily Temperature Reading, 4/2

Okinawa | April 2, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you calling me while you were driving and for waking me up! It was great to hear your voice, even though you are sick!

New Information:

I’ve had a busy day. After talking to you, I showered and got dressed. I put gas in the car (because I am going to have to go to the far base next week to get my meds refilled) and pulled out Yen for the farmer’s market. Here at the shopette ATM the minimum you can pull out is 5000 yen. Sigh. So then I went and met D at the market and got some stuff (I have a picture to show you). Then I came back here and put them in the sink soaking. Took my uniform to the cleaners (and paid), got a haircut and then came back here. I have been doing laundry and putting away the veggies and cleaning. I realized just now that I have not even eaten. Sigh


I am puzzled by how you are feeling today. I am going to assume that you are going to sleep pretty late since you need it and since you took some Nyquil. That stuff knocks you out pretty good. You said the kids don’t work today, so that means that they can (and damn well better) bust their butts to get that house in shape and to get you their plan. I’m with you on this and I agree that they need to do that before they get another thing from us. I am also puzzled by how that is going to go over today.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned with your health. No matter how you feel, I think that at some point you need to call Tricare and figure out what the deal is with getting a referral over the phone like we normally do. Since I am in a different region, what’s the procedure? I can try to nudge it out by looking at the Tricare website, but that thing is such a pain. I will see what I can find out before you wake up.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope that you wake up feeling a little better today! I know you have been miserable. Make sure the girl goes and gets your chicken soup and sortie stuff! I love you and I miss you baby. Have sweet dreams! Love me

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