Daily Temperature Reading, 4/18

Okinawa | April 18, 2016


I appreciate you trying to talk to me. I’m sorry that I was grumpy. I told you that I was going to start telling you what was on my mind and I did. I appreciate you making an effort to talk, it just got screwed up.

New Information:

I went into work to work on my class before meeting “J”. We had a so-so meeting and I am going to meet with him again tomorrow after work. I didn’t go anywhere else because I didn’t want to go all the way to the other base and not have a grocery list.


I am puzzled by why things got so out of hand. I’m sure that we both have some thoughts on it and I would like to hear yours.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I’m concerned by this though. I’m not going to blow this off. This is what I’m talking about when I say that I don’t feel like I can tell you sometimes what I’m feeling. You made me angry this morning and when I was trying to tell you how I felt it doesn’t go over to well. I understand completely that you are under a lot of stress. I understand how things work there at the house. I’ve lived there too. But I’m not there and I asked a question and get told it’s a stupid question and it made you mad. I’m going to ask questions and I get it that you were not happy with “J”, but it seemed like you were taking out your frustrations on me. With just waking up and having a massive headache, I didn’t handle it well at all. We both had “filters” going and I don’t think either one of us could see that.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope that this helps. I don’t want to argue. I really want to make things better. I hope you have a good doctor’s visit and I hope you slept well last night. I really love you and miss you. Me

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