Daily Temperature Reading, 4/21

Okinawa | April 21, 2016


I appreciate you telling me all about your day; it was a lot of fun! I felt like I was there and it was a really nice feeling. You are amazing!

New Information:

“J’ had car trouble again and was stuck on K. He has a rental POS. The other day I had to jump it because the battery died. So, I am meeting him tomorrow. I have a ruck march in the morning and I hope the 1SG doesn’t decide to make it a ruck run. Those are very bad for the knees and this old guy isn’t running. I got my corrections made and sent to the LT. I went to talk to him about it, but he had already left to take his wife to an appointment. So I am going to talk to him after the ruck. Sigh.


“ M” called me after they got to work and chatted with me until her shift started. She told me all about the lip sync last night and how the other girls did nice skits. Which included Disney songs and the hoochy girls got up there and she was both stunned and embarrassed. NO I didn’t ask for any videos or pics! It sounds like she is still getting the shaft. I am puzzled by what it is going to take to push her too far and to snap. She seems to do that with us, but not on other people. She said that she is going to have a lot to say to the other girls this weekend, but we will see I guess.

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned with getting things done for you. I am really trying to get everything done quickly, but it just isn’t happening quickly ENOUGH. I don’t want to disappoint you again and I am going to bust my ass to make sure that you are not.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

Almost the weekend! Yay! I hope you have a good day and I hope those bitches stay away from you. The good girls are fine, but the back stabbing hoes need to stay away. I wish I were there with you, waking up and getting us coffee and watching “R” whatshername. Or falling asleep reading to you. Feeling your hair tickle my nose as I snuggle with you. ” M” just ain’t cutting it! I love you and will be calling you soon! Me

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