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Okinawa | April 24, 2016


Hey baby, I appreciate you giving me a piece of your mind and for giving me your time. I am EXTREMELY happy that you are still talking to me!

New Information:

Sorry this is late, Firefox has crashed a couple of times while I was writing this. Sigh. “J” sent me a couple titles of books he suggests I get and read. I will talk to you about them here in a few minutes when we talk. It has been raining since I talked to you last. It was a nice beautiful day, until I got back to my room. Then the bottom dropped out of the sky. So I have not left my room until now.


I am puzzled by how we are going to talk. In the subject of the conversation as well as how to get things going. I HATE it when we have argued!

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am VERY concerned with how things are going. It makes me feel like my whole world is on a teeter totter.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope that you slept well and I hope that you had a good night. Did you finish your thingies for the girls? Have your movie marathon? I love you and will be calling you in a few minutes! Love me

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