Daily Temperature Reading, 5/2

Okinawa | May 2, 2016


Good morning baby, I appreciate you getting me to take life by the horns. More to follow on that in a minute.

New Information:

I got a lot of questions answered: 1. Yes I can mail cans of coffee 2. JAG said to send the car contract with the extended warranty information and he will look over it to make sure we don’t get shafted by lumberton Honda 3. The commander left at 2:30 to go to a change of command and never came back. So I took the paperwork to travel and talked to them. You can see the results. I told the guy what we wanted and he said that they HAVE to go with certain airlines and then it would be up to the other person to call the airline and book accompanying ticket. But, the ass clown booked the most expensive shit he could find it looks like. So I will have to go back and go over things with him, tooth be damned. 4. The time of my appointment got moved back an hour, which means that greenwood can’t take me. So “D” is, Dammit. But I will have instructions for him. So I guess that was not a LOT of stuff, but it took me forever.


I am puzzled by if I can work magic to get cheaper tickets. Is there anything that A can do to help?

Concerns with Recommendations:

I am concerned about getting tickets done. I know things are down to the wire and I am frantic. I KNOW I am going to have to go in to travel tomorrow and get this sorted out.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams:

I hope that A has some advice. I hope everyone’s doesn’t freak out over this. I will do what I can to get things lower. 4K for a round trip is crazy. I am off to the commissary and will text when I get back. I love you and will talk to you soon. Me

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