Daily Temperature Reading, 2/27

I wish I were home because one of the other things I would like to start doing when I do finally get home is cooking with you. Maybe I am just hungry.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/26

I am concerned about what is happening to us … It is not easy to hear those things and I tend to get defensive or hurt or whatever you want to call it.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/23

I am puzzled by how we are going to begin talking about the real things. I mean, where do we start? What do we start with?

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/22

I am still concerned with the expectations thing. I am not quite sure how to answer that. I mean, there are certain things that I expect, but I think I have gotten to where I just take them for granted instead.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/20

While I am happy that you were candid with me last night, I am still concerned by what you said. I don’t want us to fall apart.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/19

I know that it has been hard on you for doing everything and I want you to know that I understand just how much pressure is on you and how much you do.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/18

There is no getting around the trust issues between us. I am going to do everything I can to SHOW you that I can be trusted.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/16

I hate that you are stuck there again. I have been thinking and not really coming up with too much that was useful. Which sucks. But there HAS to be something I can do!!

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/15

I just wanted to let you know again how proud of you I am and how proud I am of the kids. You all are the lights of my life.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/14

I wish I were home. I can’t wait to see you again and hold you. I dream of being with you a long LONG time, telling you dumb jokes and hopefully making you laugh.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/13

When two adults (two smart adults) can’t talk about ANYTHING, what the hell is wrong with us? I am scared to death that things are spiraling way out of control.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/10

I am concerned with what is going on with us. I am concerned about not being able to talk with each other. We have GOT to get it worked out. I mean, this is crazy.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/9

I wish I were with you. I hope that we get through this. I dream of growing old with you and a long long time from now realizing how lucky we are to have stayed together.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/7

I appreciate you talking to me while you were watching your movie! It was nice. I know we didn’t really say anything, but it was nice to talk to you.

Seven Thousand Miles Away, U.S. Navy Couple Struggles to Protect Own Marriage, Family

On any given weekday, an average of 60 U.S. servicemen and women get divorced. “Max” and “Abby,” not their real names, are separated by more than 7,000 miles while he’s deployed with the U.S. Navy to Okinawa. Max is hoping – more than hoping – an exercise known as the PAIRS Daily Temperature Reading helps him protect his own marriage and family while he’s a world away.