Building Your Love Bank Balance

Get used to letting others know what leaves you feeling cared about, valued and loved at this time of your life. Invite others to do the same.

It’s time to tell the truth about love

The ruse about love woven into the psyche of baby boomers and the generations they reared wrought havoc that forever altered the landscape of America’s families and neighborhoods.

The revolving ledger

You may say, “Prove to me you will not mistreat me as I was in the past” or “Make up to me for what someone else did to me.”

Emotions and the triune brain

Considering the parts and functions of the human brain offers a scientific explanation for the importance of bonding.

Individuation and differentiation

There are some concepts that I have tried to put in simple language, about the emotional development needed for a grownup adult relationship (See Guidelines for Grownups). I’d like to introduce another type of language.  Murray Bowen, a psychiatrist who was Director of the Family Studies Center at Georgetown University, has developed some terminology that…

Stress and the bedroom

Is stress causing problems in your bedroom? How many of the following questions do you answer in the affirmative? Does sex seem like more trouble than it’s worth? Do household chores and office responsibilities get in the way of sexual activity? Do you think about these responsibilities while you are making love? Do you feel…

Warriors to soulmates

From Warrior to Soul Mate is a unique and important program helping many of America’s Veterans strengthen the health of their families.