It’s time to tell the truth about love

The ruse about love woven into the psyche of baby boomers and the generations they reared wrought havoc that forever altered the landscape of America’s families and neighborhoods.

The revolving ledger

You may say, “Prove to me you will not mistreat me as I was in the past” or “Make up to me for what someone else did to me.”

Thoughts of a sexual male

I am a forty-five year-old man, divorced and re-married, with one daughter and one stepdaughter. I have lived most of my life with lots of thoughts about sex.

Stress and the bedroom

Is stress causing problems in your bedroom? How many of the following questions do you answer in the affirmative? Does sex seem like more trouble than it’s worth? Do household chores and office responsibilities get in the way of sexual activity? Do you think about these responsibilities while you are making love? Do you feel…

Love’s acceptors and rejectors

Some people have decided at some point that the price of love is too high; we call them rejectors. They act as if, “No matter what you do, I won’t love you.” Others we call acceptors. They are willing to pay any price for love, put up with any pain for the hope of being…