Daily Temperature Reading, 3/23

I am concerned with how we can’t seem to have any sort of conversation without it devolving into an argument. That is pretty shitty of us. We are better people and we are actually nicer people than we show to each other.

Daily Temperature Reading, 3/7

I’m sick of having a long distance relationship with my wife. I know that we have been distant even in the same room, but we are going to solve that. Now we just need to figure out how to be physically together.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/29

I know that you say that I have squandered my time to talk, but some of it is that I don’t want to just jump right into things.

Daily Temperature Reading, 2/23

I am puzzled by how we are going to begin talking about the real things. I mean, where do we start? What do we start with?

Seven Thousand Miles Away, U.S. Navy Couple Struggles to Protect Own Marriage, Family

On any given weekday, an average of 60 U.S. servicemen and women get divorced. “Max” and “Abby,” not their real names, are separated by more than 7,000 miles while he’s deployed with the U.S. Navy to Okinawa. Max is hoping – more than hoping – an exercise known as the PAIRS Daily Temperature Reading helps him protect his own marriage and family while he’s a world away.